A Manifeasto

Eat slow and well, with intention. Support small or local food businesses, especially those owned by disparaged groups, -they need it the most. Travel often, even if only outside of your own neighborhood. When you can, visit new cities, states and even countries. Each place has something unique to offer and you’ll surely learn something new. Explore the world through your senses; taste, smell and touch often. Be brave and try new things even when afraid or unsure. You never know what you like until you know what you don’t. Be kind and share meals with strangers. Talk to people, even your Uber driver has an interesting story to tell. Be kind to service workers, especially those who feed you. Eat with your hands(clean them first of course). Try growing your own food when possible, as it allows you to really connect with ingredients and feel gratitude for the process. Only buy what you’ll actually consume and find ways to reduce waste in your home and your community. Doggy bags are cool and leftovers taste better the next day. Composting helps the climate. Volunteer at a local food pantry or community garden. Local farmer’s markets usually have better produce for lower prices. Make a meal for your neighbors once in a while. Choose one day out of the month to feed the poor. Be open to meeting new people and learning about their cultures, foods, and way of life. Food is the universal language we all know.


Food Studies @The New School, UX Designer

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